What We Are

Hiholly is a digital-first fashion and lifestyle destination for modern women sizes 10-30.
True to our slogan: "Live with Ease, Dress with Joy," we exist to enable mid- and plus-size women to easily find clothes that fit her and are a fit for her life. We offer affordable, stylish, and comfortable clothes thoughtfully made for her curves: dressed in Hiholly, she feels beautiful, joyful, empowered, and self-expressed.

As a Young Company

Hiholly focuses on providing customers with the best shopping experience. Their mission is to ensure a smooth and easy shopping experience for their customers while providing them with high-quality, innovative plus size clothes. Whether you're looking for something classic, trendy or something unique and artistic, there's something here for you.

Our Values


Here's what this means at Hiholly:
- For mid- and plus-size women, this first and foremost means that she should be able to find clothes that fit her, and that allow her to feel stylish, beautiful, and self-expressed.
- Price: we've chosen to make and sell items at an affordable price point. Our customer shouldn't have to pay a fortune to dress for her everyday life. 
- Ease of purchase, which is why we operate as an online-only store. With the exception of a select few partnerships, you can find the vast majority of our products exclusively on digital shelves -- viewable worldwide, and shipping to more countries every day. 


We believe that diversity is a fact, and inclusivity is an act.
As a mid- and plus-only brand, we knew from the get-go that inclusivity would be inherent to everything we do -- it has to be, if we truly believe that women of all sizes should feel seen and served by fashion. 

At BloomChic, inclusivity means: 
- Showing our products on real women, in real bodies within our 10-30 size range. From models to influencers to everyday women across the entirety of our digital footprint, images of their bodies are never airbrushed. 
- As much as we can, investing in showing our products on diverse women: not just skin tone, but also race, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, culture, and background. 

We’d love to hear from you!

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